Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards

Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards

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Reading / Language Arts

01    Demonstrate phonological awareness.
02    Recognize letters of the alphabet.
03    Listen to fiction and nonfiction stories and demonstrate comprehension.
04    Self-select and independently "read" fiction and nonfiction materials.
05    Use writing to convey messages.
06    Use oral language to communicate.
07    Gain information and complete tasks through listening.
08    Recognize that people come from different cultural backgrounds.


01    Examine problems using scientific inquiry.
  • Collect information by hands-on experiences.
02    Integrate unifying concepts and processes in scientific experiences.
  • Use one or more of the 5 senses to sort materials.
03    Discover the world around us.
  • Ask questions about their surroundings.
04    Explore the senses.
  • Collect information using their senses.


01    Communicate the meaning of numbers 1-10.
02    Recognize and create simple patterns.
03    Recognize geometric shapes.
04    Identify colors.
05    Recognize likenesses and differences.
06    Explore concepts of measurement and time.

07    Experience and describe positions, directions, and distances.

The Six Traits of Writing

01    Ideas
  • Clarity
  • Focus - a small, easy-to-manage topic
  • Good information - from experience, imagination or research
02    Organization-
  • A snappy lead that gets the reader’s attention
  • Order and logic - Clear connections to a main idea
  • A graceful ending - doesn’t just STOP
03    Voice
  • Sounds human–not like technospeak
  • Has the mark of this particular writer
  • Brings the topic to life
  • Is appropriate for the audience, topic, purpose
04    Word Choice
  • Moments that stick with you
  • Relies on strong verbs and precise nouns - not on modifiers
  • Creates word pictures
05    Sentence Fluency
  • Rhythmic
  • Easy to read aloud - inviting
  • Varied sentence length - some long, some short
06    Conventions
  • Spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Paragraphs for new topics
  • Quotations to set off dialogue
  • Appropriate capitalization
  • Noun/Verb agreement
  • No arbitrary shifts in tense
  • Layout has eye appeal