Mrs. Diffey


Strings Days


Students have Strings class on Cycle Days 1,6,3,8.  Please help your child remember to bring his or her instrument and book on Strings Days.


Welcome to Mrs. Diffey's Strings Class!


In this class students learn to play the orchestral string instruments - Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.  Students may begin string instruments in 4th grade and keep playing string instruments at both the middele school and high school levels.  We hope students will keep playing their instruments through all the levels of school!


Ask For a Private Concert!


To help motivate your child to practice and enjoy playing their instrument, ask them to play for your family.  You might ask them to play their favorite song or something from the lessons they worked on in Strings that week.  If you haven't heard your child playing for a while, encourage them to give a private concert for you.  Students are usually happy to play for their families and show what they have learned!


Strings Homework

(Otherwise known as practicing!)


Please check your child's music instruction book on Strings days to review what they have been assigned for home practice.  Students will write their homework on the inside cover of the book, or if they are using an OPS book, on a sticky note on the inside cover.  Home practice is very important when learning an instrument.   It is very difficult to learn to play an instrument without practicing at home!

Suggested Practice Times:

4th - 15 minutes per day
5th - 20 minutes per day
6th 30 minutes per day