Fifth Grade

Dual Language Teachers

Mrs. Diaz 

English Teacher - Room 217 - 531.299.1160

Sr. Peña-Perez

Spanish Teacher - Room 216 - 531.299.1160

Mrs. Diaz

Mrs. Diaz

Mr. Peña-Perez

Mr. Pena


  • Our Dual Language program is a two-way program. We have two groups of students. Students learn language through direct language teaching and through the content areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Students spend a half-day in the English class, and a half-day in the Spanish class.
  • Nuestros programa de dos idiomas es una programa.




  • Parents can apply to the Dual Language Program any time. Students in kindergarten will get in the program after a lottery. Students 1st-5th will enter a waiting list.