Third Grade

Dual Language Teachers

Mrs. Weber

Spanish Teacher - Room 012 - 531.299.1160

Miss Ferguson

English Teacher - Room 011 - 531.299.1160

Mrs. Weber

Mrs. Weber Ms. Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson

Room 011/012 - Dual Language 3rd Grade

Cardinals! ~~ Determined to Succeed!! 

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Classroom Brochure - English

Classroom Brochure - español


  • Our Dual Language program is a two-way program.  Kinder to 1st, we have four groups of students. 2nd to 5th grade we have two groups of students. Students learn language through direct language teaching and through the content areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Students spend a half-day in the English class, and a half-day in the Spanish class.
  • Nuestros programa de dos idiomas es una programa de dos direcciones. Tenemos cuatro grupos de alumnos en los grados de kinder y 1°. De 2° a 5° tenemos dos grupos de alumnos. Los estudiantes aprenden lenguaje a través de la en eseñanza explícita del lenguaje y a través del aprendizaje de contenidos de matemáticas, ciencias y estudios sociales.




  • Parents can apply to the Dual Language Program any time. Students in kindergarten will get in the program after a lottery. Students 1st-5th will enter a waiting list.